Small-scale solar electrical programme, South Africa

Small Scale Solar Electrical Programme

Small-scale solar electrical programme, South Africa

Sector: Renewable energy
Project type:  Solar energy

The objective of this Clean Development Mechanism programme is to boost the use of solar electrical systems by domestic consumers and private companies of South Africa. Electricity which will be produced by the solar electrical systems installed can be supplied to either: Scenario (a) An identified consumer (end user) or the group of consumers, which would have been supplied with electricity from the national grid of South Africa in the absence of the system, furthermore excess electricity can be supplied to the grid; or Scenario (b) The national grid of South Africa.

Participation in this programme will enable the solar electrical system owners to discount the purchased price of the solar electrical system or get an annual income in the form of rebate in exchange for cession of their rights to claim greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions to us. The solar park developers have an option to retain rights to dispose issued credits.

Starting date of the programme is 01/01/2013.

Length of the programme is 28 years.

Unique programme which at the same time supports both small-scale solar systems that supply power to South African grid (CDM methodology AMS-I.D) and the systems that supply power straight to the end-user (CDM methodology AMS-I.F)

Please see the PoA design document for details “BWC_Small-scale solar electrical programme, South Africa

The projects which have already been included into the programme:

CPA 001 – KwaZulu-Natal Province solar PV project “BWC_Small-scale solar electrical programme, South Africa_CPA001